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Why We Bought A Moving Truck

David Bartels

Meet David Bartels - Selected as one of America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents, he is among the Top 1% of of all agents nationwide and leader of the #1 ...

Meet David Bartels - Selected as one of America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents, he is among the Top 1% of of all agents nationwide and leader of the #1 ...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley is in the business to sell real estate AND save consumers thousands over what they'd pay an ordinary real estate broker.  It's a mission we are very proud of and we get just as excited by the thousands of dollars we save consumers as we do by the fees we earn!

There's something psychological that happens when we pay less, though.  We assume we are giving something up; and usually that's true.  Usually when you pay less for anything, you sacrifice something, be it service or convenience or quality.

That's not the case at Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley.  

We do everything any other great real estate firm does - and much more than most - but, we charge differently and we charge less.  Our home sellers pay a low set fee to sell and save thousands of dollars over what they might pay an ordinary real estate broker charging a percentage of the sale price as commission.

The low fee attracts home sellers to us - and everyone wants to save - but it's the service we provide that causes them to write testimonial letters and give us great reviews on Trulia, Zillow and elsewhere.  That's because we don't stop at Full Service. We look for ways to provide even more, to go above and beyond in orchestrating a great real estate experience.

That's why, last year, we bought the Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley moving truck. t1 It is available to our buyers and sellers, of course, but it's also available to community groups and really, anyone in the area who might need it.  We realized nobody else was doing that - so it looked like a natural for us to provide.  You probably have seen the truck on the road or in your neighborhood because it is being used frequently!

The truck is a very visible added service we provide.  There are a dozen other things we do that most of the other guys don't - all designed to deliver more than Full Service to our buyers and sellers.

- Rather than snap away with an IPhone, we hire a professional to photograph our listings.

- We offer our clients free legal consultations before, during and after the transaction closes.

- We do massive amounts of new-millennium marketing in places like Facebook and Google.

- We build a custom website for each of our listings.

- Because buyers always look online first, we create stunning virtual tours of our listings.

- We reach out to consumers on our YouTube Channel.

- Our electronic classifieds hit 125 newspapers around the world.

- Our listings appear not just on the MLS, but also on Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com.

- We put together Grand Open Houses that get multiple offers above asking price.

- We have Certified Negation Experts on staff.

- AND, we offer you the right to cancel the listing at anytime.

Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley is not a do-it-yourself real estate company.  We are a Progressive Full-Service Real Estate Agency, and we are changing the way real estate is sold, one house at a time.

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