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185 Houses and Condos - Open House Round-Up for 8/6 & 8/7

David Bartels

Meet David Bartels - Selected as one of America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents, he is among the Top 1% of of all agents nationwide and leader of the #1 ...

Meet David Bartels - Selected as one of America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents, he is among the Top 1% of of all agents nationwide and leader of the #1 ...

Feb 8 14 minutes read

Following is a comprehensive guide to Open Houses / Condos in our service area.  We would be happy to make arrangements to show you any of them that you like.  Please call/text Call / Text (818.584.6830) or email [email protected] to schedule a private showing.  If you would like to have us provide a custom list homes, to meet your specific needs, just let us know.

Single Family ResidencesCityLP
30617   SANDTRAP DR Agoura Hills$749,000 
6241   TIMBERLANE ST Agoura Hills$842,500 
4920   PRINCESS DR Agoura Hills$899,000 
30029   TORREPINES PL Agoura Hills$919,000 
6120   CHESEBRO RD Agoura Hills$1,599,000 
6120   HERITAGE DR Agoura Hills$1,899,018 
3827   CASTLE VIEW DR Agoura Hills$2,495,000 
3828   CASTLE VIEW DR Agoura Hills$2,648,000 
31700   LOBO CANYON RD AGOURA HILLS$5,500,000 
23546   DAISY TRL CALABASAS$749,000 
26026   REDBLUFF DR Calabasas$865,000 
4317   PARK FORTUNA  Calabasas$1,225,000 
22510   BLUERIDGE CT CALABASAS$1,289,000 
2717   Country Ridge RD CALABASAS$4,850,000 
1638   SHORELINE ST Camarillo$495,000 
866   BRENTLY AVE Camarillo$585,000 
1874   HILLRIDGE DR Camarillo$609,000 
2243   ASCOT PL Camarillo$650,000 
958   CAMINO VERA CRUZ  Camarillo$784,900 
3358   BREEZY DR Camarillo$939,900 
1909   RAMONA DR Camarillo$999,999 
2021   VISTA ALCEDO  Camarillo$1,145,000 
6750   CALLE LUMINOSO  Camarillo$1,299,000 
335   HIGHLAND HILLS DR Camarillo$1,498,000 
155   LA PATERA DR Camarillo$1,550,000 
2437   WOODCREEK RD Camarillo$1,590,000 
709   VIA TERRADO  Camarillo$2,400,000 
111   MOONSONG CT Moorpark$547,000 
4636   PEPPER MILL ST Moorpark$674,900 
4084   WINTERWOOD CT Moorpark$799,390 
4168   LAURELVIEW DR Moorpark$859,000 
7108   TREVINO DR Moorpark$1,899,000 
169   DENA DR Newbury Park$549,999 
675   OAK SHADOW VIEW PL Newbury Park$739,000 
1600   APPLEFIELD ST Newbury Park$888,888 
634   GENTLE CREEK CIR Newbury Park$979,000 
5315   VIA CAPOTE  Newbury Park$1,079,000 
441   CRESTHILL DR Oak Park$675,000 
236  N PARK VIEW DR Oak Park$869,000 
474   PESARO ST Oak Park$894,900 
4910   ROCK CASTLE CT Oak Park$1,675,000 
238   JAMES AVE Oxnard$345,000 
1401  W HEMLOCK ST Oxnard$449,000 
2025   NORMA ST Oxnard$519,000 
724   ISELA ST Oxnard$520,000 
1120  W ROBERT AVE Oxnard$580,000 
1635   URBANA LN Oxnard$599,000 
2206   BERMUDA DUNES PL Oxnard$599,000 
2611   WOODSIDE PL Oxnard$635,000 
3701   AVONDALE LN Oxnard$749,900 
4005   ISCHIA DR Oxnard$2,875,000 
12  W WEST GARDEN GREEN  Port Hueneme$325,000 
130  E PLEASANT VALLEY RD Port Hueneme$450,000 
4168   LOU DR Simi Valley$414,000 
2361   BRYSON PL Simi Valley$454,900 
2012   POTTER AVE Simi Valley$505,000 
753   HUDSPETH ST Simi Valley$510,000 
1286   CORTO ST Simi Valley$545,000 
2360   BOALT AVE Simi Valley$549,000 
5888   OAK KNOLLS RD Simi Valley$550,000 
3320   COLE AVE Simi Valley$589,000 
3128   ANASAZI WAY Simi Valley$659,900 
3332   PINE VIEW DR Simi Valley$674,000 
854   ANSON ST Simi Valley$679,900 
659   ANSON ST Simi Valley$689,950 
2625   BLOSSOM ST Simi Valley$699,000 
762   ERRINGER RD Simi Valley$699,900 
3173   TECOPA SPRINGS LN Simi Valley$724,900 
3616   RACHAEL AVE Simi Valley$725,000 
3456   LEORA ST Simi Valley$764,900 
539   GRASS VALLEY ST Simi Valley$799,000 
658   BONWIT PL Simi Valley$865,000 
2261   RUDOLPH DR Simi Valley$874,950 
4286   PRESIDIO DR Simi Valley$899,000 
1177   MELLOW LN Simi Valley$945,360 
103   BROOKS CT Simi Valley$969,000 
1752   PEREGRINE CT Simi Valley$979,900 
4167   EAGLE FLIGHT DR Simi Valley$1,029,000 
3588   CAMBRIA CT Thousand Oaks$649,999 
1115   UPPINGHAM DR Thousand Oaks$699,999 
3520   RADCLIFFE RD Thousand Oaks$729,000 
208   LONGFELLOW ST Thousand Oaks$749,950 
681   CALLE ARROYO  Thousand Oaks$1,368,000 
1656   PYRAMID AVE Ventura$450,000 
382   BANNER AVE Ventura$469,000 
1256   OWENS AVE Ventura$495,000 
95   ARCADE DR Ventura$524,000 
7302   EISENHOWER ST Ventura$589,000 
206   DANA POINT AVE Ventura$610,000 
756   SARATOGA AVE Ventura$635,000 
2703   ENCANTO AVE Ventura$669,000 
376   FORD AVE Ventura$715,000 
241   CROWNHILL CT Ventura$959,000 
5445   THILLE ST  Ventura$975,000 
7922   SANTA ANA RD Ventura$1,799,000 
5470   RINCON BEACH PARK DR Ventura$2,988,000 
7422   WOODLAKE AVE West Hills$489,900 
7465   FAUST AVE West Hills$525,000 
7200   PONCE AVE WEST HILLS$599,000 
22948   ARMINTA ST West Hills$599,000 
22933   SATICOY ST WEST HILLS$649,000 
7123   CAPISTRANO AVE West Hills$659,000 
7456   DORIE DR West Hills$878,000 
8254   MOORCROFT AVE West Hills$945,000 
7525   WISCASSET DR West Hills$969,000 
2953   FALL RIVER CIR Westlake Village$739,000 
3287   SIERRA DR DR Westlake Village$929,999 
1241   KELSFORD CT Westlake Village$998,000 
731   CEDAR POINT PL Westlake Village$999,000 
754   CEDAR POINT PL Westlake Village$999,999 
5549   PARTRIDGE CT Westlake Village$1,250,000 
2230   KIRSTEN LEE DR Westlake Village$1,345,000 
2375   WINDWARD CIR Westlake Village$1,489,000 
1715   MISTY CREEK RD Westlake Village$1,599,000 
1720   UPPER RANCH RD Westlake Village$1,888,000 
1079   DEEP WOOD DR Westlake Village$1,999,900 
1377   PATHFINDER AVE Westlake Village$2,250,000 
4188   CRESTHAVEN DR Westlake Village$2,999,900 
5556   CAPISTRANO AVE Woodland Hills$535,000 
22259   CRISWELL ST Woodland Hills$567,000 
4352   SALTILLO ST Woodland Hills$599,500 
23031   BURBANK BLVD Woodland Hills$600,000 
5637   SALE AVE Woodland Hills$629,000 
22131   VICTORY BLVD Woodland Hills$649,000 
4154   PRASA RD Woodland Hills$659,900 
22627   DOLOROSA ST Woodland Hills$669,000 
22015   CRESPI ST Woodland Hills$679,000 
23634   AETNA  Woodland Hills$709,950 
5021   CALDERON RD Woodland Hills$712,500 
4214   MORRO DR Woodland Hills$715,000 
22449   OXNARD ST Woodland Hills$750,000 
4999   MEDINA RD Woodland Hills$760,000 
6117   MANTON AVE Woodland Hills$774,900 
20520   RHODA ST WOODLAND HILLS$775,000 
22938   AVENUE SAN LUIS  Woodland Hills$779,900 
5661   WILHELMINA AVE Woodland Hills$799,900 
21414   ARCOS DR Woodland Hills$799,950 
22623   MARGARITA DR Woodland Hills$819,000 
5729   LARRYAN DR Woodland Hills$824,999 
6157   JARED CT Woodland Hills$839,000 
21145   LOPEZ ST WOODLAND HILLS$860,000 
4428   PAMPAS RD Woodland Hills$879,000 
4920   NOFRAL RD Woodland Hills$885,000 
5131   PENFIELD AVE Woodland Hills$889,000 
24248   MARTHA  Woodland Hills$975,000 
5917   ELBA PL Woodland Hills$1,000,000 
21767   ULMUS DR Woodland Hills$1,119,000 
24045   HATTERAS ST Woodland Hills$1,135,000 
20111   RUSTON RD WOODLAND HILLS$1,200,000 
4855   NOMAD DR Woodland Hills$1,295,000 
3831   SAINT JOHNSWOOD DR Woodland Hills$1,299,000 

5352   LAKE LINDERO DR Agoura Hills$410,000 
11811   SAN TROPEZ PL Moorpark$459,000 
631   OAK RUN TRAIL  #207Oak Park$379,000 
5728   OAK BEND LN #107Oak Park$388,000 
5205  W WOOLEY RD #2Oxnard$399,500 
3121   HARBOR BLVD Oxnard$529,000 
4316   TRADEWINDS DR Oxnard$798,000 
4490   ANTIGUA WAY #146Oxnard$875,000 
4484   LUBBOCK DR #ASimi Valley$355,000 
6474   TWIN CIRCLE LN #5Simi Valley$369,900 
2080   EMORY AVE Simi Valley$394,721 
2059   COVINGTON AVE Simi Valley$439,900 
1545   EUCALYPTUS CIR Thousand Oaks$525,000 
155   GREENMEADOW DR Thousand Oaks$599,999 
5266   SHENANDOAH ST Ventura$235,000 
675   COUNTY SQUARE DR #62Ventura$369,900 
8207   SUNSTONE ST #176Ventura$425,000 
522   VIA COLINAS  Westlake Village$375,000 
4118   LAKE HARBOR LN Westlake Village$594,000 
4235   FLINTLOCK LN Westlake Village$609,000 
22038   VANOWEN ST #110Woodland Hills$369,000 
6145   SHOUP AVE #46Woodland Hills$519,000 
22253 1/4  ERWIN ST WOODLAND HILLS$525,000 
6243 1/2  NITA AVE #1/2Woodland Hills$539,000 
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